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Welcome to ROSOPHIA

Dedicated to Inspire


RoSophia is also the name of an azelulite crystal found in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The stone gets its name from the term "Rose of Sophia" – the Divine Feminine Essence of Wisdom. The frequency of RoSophia underlies the beauty and harmony of human beings, allowing everyone to "feel & know". RoSophia is the embodiment of support, love, and appreciation.

RoSophia #21455

  • RoSophia's primary motivation for participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge is to promote robotics and technology in the Galati Region and its surroundings.

  • We aim to achieve this by sharing our knowledge and expertise with schools in the region, both students and teachers, through teaching programs and presentations.

We're here to support your journey in robotics and technology, so don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to connecting with you!

Thanks for the message!

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