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Our Work

Welcome to the heart of innovation at RoSophia! On this page, we invite you to delve into the captivating world of robotics and technology where creativity knows no bounds. Here, you'll discover a tapestry of initiatives that showcase our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realms of STEM education and robotics. Each project is an accomplished promise to our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on our community and beyond.

League Meet Iasi

League meet -179.jpg

On February 3rd, the Moldova region witnessed the culmination of its robotics league as teams Cyliis, Peppers, and RoSophia came together to host an extraordinary meet, surpassing expectations with 32 participating teams. While logistical challenges such as seating shortages and power issues surfaced, swift actions from the organizers and the understanding from participants ensured the event's smooth progression. Despite initial sponsor-related setbacks and unforeseen technical malfunctions, including a burnt-out resistor on the camera's motherboard, the meet's success remained undeterred. This event proved to be a learning experience for both participants and organizers alike. As participants, we gleaned insights into the importance of regular inspections and the necessity of carrying spare parts for essential components like the control hub and camera. Meanwhile, as organizers, we refined our communication strategies, honed task delegation skills, and learned to manage unexpected surges in registrations. Collaborating to organize the largest meet in the country strengthened friendships and fostered peer learning opportunities among teams like CyLiis, Peppers, and RoSophia. This camaraderie not only enriches the robotics landscape but also sets the stage for future cooperation and knowledge exchange, ensuring the enduring growth and success of the regional robotics community.

Accessible Funding for All

Our club took the initiative to arrange and lead the online conference "Accessible Funding for All" on January 19th, uniting 39 First Tech Challenge teams. The primary goal of this event was to empower teams by offering concrete pathways to secure grant funds for their STEAM initiatives. Live demonstrations and interactive discussions allowed teams to delve into the practical aspects of crafting compelling grant proposals and writing projects across different channels. Representatives of successful initiatives shared real-world perspectives, enriching the experience. Examples of funding opportunities discussed included grant funding through various channels such as FLAG and GAL financing axes, as well as ERASMUS+ projects. The conference facilitated a tangible shift in teams' funding approach, fostering greater social involvement and promoting robotics within communities. Following the event, our club proudly advanced financial empowerment within the First Tech Challenge community, anticipating tangible results and greater awareness of STEAM initiatives.

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RoboFest Dual Edition Braila

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-15 at 20.56.11.jpeg

The Robofest Dual Edition, hosted on 14th of January, in Braila alongside our partners at Helix, emerged as a resounding success, fortified by the overwhelmingly positive response from participants. Witnessing the genuine enthusiasm and engagement of attendees, especially the children, underscored the profound impact such events can have. From eager exploration to animated discussions, every interaction reflected a deep-seated curiosity and a hunger for knowledge. Through meticulously curated workstations and a diverse array of Lego kits, students from elementary to high school experienced firsthand the thrill of hands-on learning in mechanics and block programming. This immersive experience not only ignited a passion for STEAM education but also fostered essential skills like collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. As families, educators, and technology enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the participants' achievements, it became evident that events like Robofest Dual Edition play a pivotal role in strengthening community bonds and inspiring future generations. In essence, the event left an indelible mark, enriching educational experiences and nurturing a brighter tomorrow for all involved.

Dual Meet Braila

The first meet, held in Braila on January 13th, saw our club taking on dual roles as both organizers and participants, bringing together 16 teams from our region. Alongside the Helix team, we meticulously organized resources and human capital to ensure the smooth execution of the event. Our club provided essential equipment, including complete sets of tiles, walls, game elements, and pixels. Volunteers from our club and other mentored teams fulfilled various roles such as queuers, field resetters, and referees.

Despite thorough planning, our team encountered challenges during the meet, particularly with our newly implemented swerve chassis. However, these setbacks provided invaluable learning opportunities. As organizers, we gleaned insights into effective event management, including the importance of clear communication and logistical preparedness. As participants, we discovered crucial adjustments needed for our robot's functionality and communication strategies. Despite the hurdles faced, the meet served as a vital testing ground for our team's readiness for upcoming regional and national competitions. The experience, although challenging, offered valuable insights and learnings that will undoubtedly inform our future endeavors in the FIRST Tech Challenge.


Inspire Around The Globe International Conference

In this conference 12 teams gather up to talk about special topics of their choice in 4 different zoom conferences in order to share their knowledge and inspire the FIRST Tech Challenge community. In order to connect and inspire nearly every continent on the globe we’ve gathered teams from the West, Center and East of the United States and also from South Africa, The Middle East and Europe in order to share as much knowledge as possible with everyone from the FTC community. 

Together we are TEAMS 21455 RoSophia, 14259 TURBO V8, 6165 MSET CUTTLEFISH, 18225 High Definition, 21229 Quality Control, 19746 BrainSTEM, 14525 Terrabats, 16458 TechnoWizards, 11260 UP-A-CREEK, 7 Tactical Sheep, 15534 VERTEX, 18438 Wolfpack Machina, 23268 Ultraviolet, 15637 FATA MORGANA, 22903 VEGAMIND, 18763 TEXPAND.

RoboFest Galati

Following a partnership with the American University "Lawrance Institute of Thechnology", the robotics club "Sophia Science" managed to obtain the license to organize in Romania the event "ROBOFEST". The event aimed to stimulate creativity, innovation and teamwork among children in the community through robotics. We provided participating teams with Lego "We Do" kits, offering an attractive platform for both junior and senior categories. The preparation phase involved obtaining the necessary license from the Lawrance Institute of Thechnology, and preparing We Do Lego kits for all participating teams. Club members worked diligently to ensure that the logistics of the event were well planned and that each team had the resources they needed. The day of the event was a busy one. Before the participants arrived our team set up all the tables with kits, laptops/tablets, plugs, etc. Club members then joined the participating teams to provide




On the dates of October 10th, 12th, and 17th, we conducted the first activities in the series dedicated to #ERASMUSDAYS as part of the ECO DIGITAL project by the Galati County Center of Excellence, a project funded through the ERASMUS+ initiative. We all know that change begins with us, and one of the factors that endanger our lives every day is water pollution. Therefore, our first activity involved a workshop where children had to build miniature robots that clean water from waste, promoting their creativity. Our second activity took place in a workshop where children built Lego robots designed to clean water from waste, similar to the first activity. In the third activity, children built robots that automatically sorted waste by category, in a process of selective and efficient recycling. The goal was to raise awareness among young people about the necessity of protecting and preserving the environment, influenced by technological development and the waste generated in this process.


On October 14th, the FIRST TALK conference, organized by us, the RoSophia team, took place. The conference focused on the implementation of STEAM education programs in educational institutions. Dozens of teachers representing schools and high schools in Galați attended this conference. On this occasion, we presented the FIRST programs for primary, middle, and high school levels. Teachers had the opportunity to experience this year's topics at stands where game boards and kits for the three categories were displayed. Additionally, invited representatives from various funding programs discussed the opportunities they provide for equipping schools with educational robotics kits. We thank everyone for their participation and questions! We would also like to express our gratitude to the Faculty of Engineering, whose support made this event possible. Last but not least, we thank all the volunteers, speakers, and team members without whom we wouldn't have succeeded!

first talk_edited.jpg
researchers night_edited.jpg

Researcher's Night

On September 29th, we were part of the group of exhibiting researchers at the Researchers' Night ReCoNnect Galați, which took place at the Faculty of Engineering in Galați. We were delighted to share with hundreds of curious children and parents about ourselves and our work, about the FIRST Tech Challenge, and what the FIRST program represents. We enjoyed teaching the little ones how to play with the robots we built. Last but not least, we would like to congratulate the Faculty of Engineering in Galați and the event volunteers for the exceptional organization. We thank the representatives of the Faculty of Engineering for the partnership they engaged us in for the successful execution of this event, which is so important for the Galați community and the field of science!

Stay tuned as we gear up to take on new challenges, dream bigger, and inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts. From groundbreaking robotics competitions to educational outreach programs that empower students and teachers alike, we're setting our sights on the stars.

 Let's dream, create, and innovate together with RoSophia!

Get ready to be a part of something amazing! RoSophia's future projects are set to ignite your passion for robotics, technology, and education.

Stay tuned for updates, and let's shape the future together.

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